The Plant Goddess Sustainable Stewardship Program

Plant Goddess Landscaping is pleased to announce The Sustainable Stewardship Program for residential outdoor living spaces. The goal of this service is to carefully and responsibly manage and care for California Friendly Landscapes. This is a professional, white glove service with English speaking, highly qualified and knowledgeable staff that specialize in enhancing California Friendly Landscapes. Our stewardship program is a proven sustainable and organic model that never includes the use of toxic chemicals. After 17 years of designing, developing and installing Award Winning California Friendly Landscapes, this is the most cost efficient and effective post installation stewardship program. The recommended base schedule is outlined below, and is intended to be a general guideline that will be modified based on the size and scope of your specific stewardship needs. The duration of each visit is a 5 to 8 hours. Let’s discuss your specific needs to determine what’s right for your landscape.


4 visits per year, minimum 5 hours on site for each visit
Fee: $125 per hour, total cost for the year is $2,500
Staff on site: Kelley Hanna, owner of Plant Goddess Landscaping, plus two highly trained stewards
Winter (Jan/Feb) $625
Spring (April/May) $625
Summer (July/August) $625
Fall (October/November) $625

Stewardship Services include:

  • Proper pruning and weeding
  • Irrigation check*- watering schedule adjustments for seasonal weather change (*parts extra if needed)
  • Landscape lighting check*
  • Replacing or moving plants if needed
  • Seeding of wild flowers and/or grass
  • Organic feralization and pest control
  • Blowing down hardscape areas

*supplies extra if needed


Scheduling Option – The minimum visits per year is 2, maximum is 4. If you choose the twice a year option, it is recommended the duration of the service be 8 hours and scheduled for the Spring and Fall seasons.

Mulching Option – The mulching of garden beds is recommended once a year. This process enriches the soil, helps the soil retain moisture, and reduces weeds. The cost for this service is based on the square footage of the yard and type of mulch purchased. This option can include regular stewardship services at the time of mulching. We can review and determine this together.

Design Upgrade Option – Plant Goddess Award-Winning Design Services are always available for that needed yard spruce-up or change. Services include:

  • Choosing and installing new plants
  • Upgrading or changing the irrigation system for greater efficiency
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Adding or upgrading landscape lighting
  • Purchasing outdoor furniture, cushions, rugs to enhance your outdoor living space
  • Installing fire and water elements
  • Installing indoor and outdoor pots and planters with sub-irrigation systems
  • Designing new outdoor living areas such as decks, kitchens, pergolas, patios, and walkways

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