Lose the Lawn


If you think about it, lawns that you have to water, mow and constantly maintain are in a desperate struggle against nature, especially in Southern California. This would not be a true statement if you lived somewhere like Kentucky, where the grass is green as far as the eye can see. Receiving about 45” of rain a year, grass is appropriate for their climate and requires no supplemental irrigation. Here, in Southern California, lawns need at least 48” of rainfall a year to stay green and healthy.  When not in a drought, California used to average about 14” of rainfall a year. We have always had to rely on supplemental irrigation to keep the grass green. If you think about it, it has been very irresponsible of us as a society to use all that water on our landscapes when we must rely on imported water. Being in our 5th year of drought, it is time for California to change its landscape practices for good. In addition to planting California Native and low water use plants, we also need to be more involved with our irrigation practices and inefficient watering systems.

  • Besides raising your water bill, dated grass lawns are part of a high maintenance garden. Let’s take a look:
  • Lawns have to be edged and mowed weekly
  • They require 4 feet of water per square foot a year to stay green and healthy
  •  Lawns generate green waste that usually ends up in the landfills
  • They produce toxic run off from chemicals used to keep them looking their best, ending up in our waterways and ocean.  
  • Lawns do not support a healthy eco-system.


Turn your grass lawn into a lush, eco friendly estate. Remove your lawn and plant beautiful California Natives and Mediterranean plants adapted to our climate. This type of garden offers amazing color, pleasure and beauty, using 50% to 70% less water than a lawn requires.  California Native Gardens invite the local natives…immediately hummingbirds, butterflies, birds, and pollinators arrive as your guests of honor. Water Wise Gardens provide a sharp contrast to surrounding properties, bringing lost biodiversity into the neighborhoods once again!

Let’s look at the benefits:

  • Be the most important part of statewide conservation efforts and
    drastically lower your water bill
  • Support our deteriorating eco-system, supporting and attracting local bees, butterflies and native birds
  • Add beauty and increase curbside value to your home and the neighborhood
  • Omit the use of herbicides and other toxic chemicals from your yard, resulting in cleaner oceans
  • Build healthy, living soil that retains moisture
  • Save lots of money on weekly maintenance fees
  • Impress friends and family with a renewed pride of ownership for your home and its outdoor living space
  • Add value to your home by showing a lower cost of operation compared to water logged and other properties

Plant Goddess specializes in removing dated and costly turfgrass, retrofitting irrigation systems, and creating the California Friendly garden of your dreams. Contact us to find out more!